Who We Are

Grand Tour was a cultural and social phenomenon that occurred in the Great Britain, from the disquiet of the aristocratic classes, refined scholars that aimed to improve their knowledge and mastery of culture. From the 17th to the 19th century the younger members of the high society had the great desire to seek the essence of the western world by the means of traveling to paradigmatic places of the universal patrimony.

Two centuries before, the Portuguese, driven by Faith, mastering the technical knowledge of sailing, crossed seas and oceans, dangers and adventures and reached the “four corners of the earth”, places where any European have never been before and even places never touched by human race, giving “new worlds to the world”.

We travel LONG distances with you

The Brand

Our logo, the Armilla Sphere, is a navigation instrument that was created by Eratosthenes around 255 b.C. that later revolutionized the navigation, allowing Portuguese to go further. It alludes to the Portuguese expansion, represents the wish for adventure, for traveling and represents the discovery of new worlds and cultures that made the earth global and more instructed. The sphere is also associated to the domain of the sea and earth routes that our brand wants to assure.

Besides being a symbol of the Portuguese identity, it is also a symbol of the universalism of our brand. It symbols those that travel with us or of those that come to Portugal to discover it. We deside that the Portuguese have the initiative to explore the world and the foreigner the will to discover Portugal. We have the passion and technical knowledge that are necessary to organize a big trip, a Grand Tour!

Our mission

It is in these two principles and in the pleasure of traveling and of connection with new cultures and people that Grand Tour is presented as a trademark of quality and experience. Allowing for deeper and more remarkable experience, in which the secular literary and artistic creativity of Europe is transported to the present day.

Grand Tour heir of these two principles, together with the pleasure of traveling, is a trademark of quality and experience of cultural religious and gastronomical tourism, born from vision that a trip is more than a simple trip to an interesting place. For us a journey is to discover special places that involve our senses, but also our being, in its human and spiritual dimension, a unique occasion where we get closer to other cultures and ourselves. Through a journey in contact with places of singular beauty and with a unique history, in contact with new cultures and people, we nourish the soul, the spirit and the mind, but also feed our knowledge about the reality that around us and about our existence.

Grand Tour aims to make the trip a leisure experience allied to cultural experience, a unique moment to increase our knowledge, open our horizons, and enjoy!


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